Caden was born in the CHOP Garbose Special Delivery Unit with d-TGA, VSD and PS – his aorta and pulmonary artery were switched, he had a hole between the lower chambers of his heart, and a narrowing of his pulmonary valve. This defect was discovered during an ultrasound about 19 weeks into pregnancy. Due to his PS, Caden’s case of d-TGA was not straightforward; he underwent surgery at 4 and 12 months old. His “big” surgery involved a Rastelli  to correct the d-TGA.

Caden will outgrow his conduit at some point later in childhood and need it replaced to grow into adulthood, but the hardest, biggest surgery is now behind him. His regular cardiac follow-ups have all been great. His heart is strong, he is thriving and is meeting all of his normal developmental milestones.