Kyle’s Beating Heart-Row the Boat

Kyle’s CHD is a Aortic Arch Hypoplasia, with a bicuspid aortic valve. He had heart surgery 4 days after birth and spent his first 36 days of life in the CICU at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. Kyle is the definition of strength and perseverance. He is one funny, smart, and wild little dude. CHD is a lifelong journey, which we will make sure he never has to fight alone. CHD is a part of his life as he will continue to be monitored at CHOP every single year of his childhood and be monitored his entire life, but we will never allow CHD to define him, because he is so much more. We are going to keep rowing that boat kid. We love you!

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At our 21 week scan, we found out that our son had a severely underdeveloped heart. His left side of his heart was significantly behind in growth compared to his right side. We prepared for the worst. When we went to CHOP for a echo cardiogram in utero, Kyle was diagnosed with aortic arch hypoplasia, which was causing his left side of his heart to not grow at the same rate as his right side. We we’re monitored by the Fetal Heart Program and delivered Kyle at CHOP Special Delivery Unit on May 10, 2018.

Kyle  had heart surgery 4 days after birth for aortic arch hypoplasia. This surgical intervention was supposed to allow for his left side to grow into its right sides size and functionality. . Kyle spent 36 days in CHOP cardiac intensive care unit due to complications he faced after his initial surgery. We are beyond thankful to the entire team every day that we have with Kyle home with us and thriving, thanks to them.

Kyle is a typical, AMAZING little boy, however his journey is far from normal. He loves to have dance parties in our kitchen, play with his sister, and is such a funny little 1 year old now! CHD will never define the amazing boy he is and will continue to become. We will dedicate our lives to ensure that all children like Kyle are given the opportunity for a fighting chance, by raising awareness and education around Congenital Heart Diseases such as his.

Keep on rowing the boat with us kid, we love you!